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Our service offers end-to-end exhibition solutions, specializing in curating, 
organizing, and promoting art and cultural displays for engaging and educational visitor experiences in various venues 


Exhibition design is the soul of the entire exhibition.
We have a team of enthusiastic and creative designers to provide the most optimized solutions for your various exhibition plans. From the configuration of small booths to the overall design of special


Fine workmanship is an important link to ensure the beauty, safety and operability of the exhibition. We have all kinds of equipment in exhibition production, from logo engraving to plate cutting, our highly responsible professionals work meticulously according to the established

Install & Dismantle

We have a professional installation team that cooperates seamlessly, understands the connection of various processes, has a deep understanding of materials and processes, and always maintains the enthusiasm for work. The team is maintained by an experienced general coordinator to maintain smooth

Trade Show

According to the needs of different customers, we provide different combinations of standard exhibits for you to choose. The pre-design of the exhibits to the post-production are carried out by the company’s experienced team. Completed with special requirements, the effect can also reach an amazing level. It has won unanimous praise from customers in previous exhibitions.


details make a difference. Exhibition is a systematic project, and every link must be perfect to ensure the ideal effect, and transportation is also a very important link. We will professionally package each component and each module separately, and experienced workers will load the goods in the order of coding. There is no best, only better!


Time decides success or failure! Due to the particularity of the exhibition, both raw materials and finished modules need to be prepared in advance, for which sufficient storage capacity must be prepared. We have prepared a professional warehouse management system for this, which is an effective guarantee for the smooth execution of the exhibition.